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RE/MAX Network Tops 100,000 Agent Count Worldwide


From Dave Liniger, CEO and Founder of RE/MAX

Today, the RE/MAX network topped 100,000 in worldwide agent count. It’s an incredible moment in our 42-year history. And in reality, it’s much more than that.

The fact that thousands of top producers keep joining our organization is fantastic news for every Affiliate. New members add their productivity, customer base, reputations and individual talents to the network. That brings more listings, more yard signs, more advertising, more brand power, more phone calls, more Internet traffic, more referrals and more satisfied clients. The cycle continues on, as even greater results attract even more Associates.

That’s our foundation and history, as meaningful now as it ever was.

So at a milestone like this, I hope everyone in RE/MAX takes a minute to celebrate what we’ve created together: the greatest real estate network in the world.

Gail and I want to thank every member of this amazing organization – wherever you are and whatever your role. Your talent and hard work has made this achievement possible. You’ve created a brand like no other in the industry, and you’ve built a team that others want to be part of.

Thank you! This accomplishment is yours!

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Dave Liniger
RE/MAX CEO & Chairman

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