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New Google Maps Technology that can help Realtors

By Jeff Lippman

Each morning I take 30-45 minutes to peruse what is happening in our world. I enjoy reading the BBC Online regarding all topics, but today there was news that could become especially pertinent for Realtors.

The innovative people at Google have come out with a new Google Maps technology that will allow users to create a unique Street View — including a 360-degree virtual tour — of any location. It will also give people the benefit of sharing these views using Google Maps.

Google Maps Street View

This technology could come in handy for people in many different industries, but as I’m a Realtor in South Florida, the first thing I thought of was International and out-of-town clients.

Agents could drive to specific properties and essentially create their own virtual tours of the homes and surrounding neighborhoods in an effort to “show” property to clients who cannot physically venture to the location themselves.

This tool was not created for the specific use of real estate agents, but it certainly can be utilized by the savvy agent as a way to reach out to clients all over the world. Considering almost 50% of the sales in South Florida recently have come from International buyers, it becomes a very helpful tool.




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